This is usually done through a co-branding relationship.



Cabur is the leading company in Italy in the field of modular terminal blocks for electrical panels. Over the years, Cabur has built on its strengths and has added other products including electronic products, installation products, photovoltaic system solutions, and industrial marking systems.

Today, relay interface modules and analogue converters account for just a small part of the vast range of electronic products that Cabur offers (certified by International Certifying Bodies, including KEMA and UL). Cabur’s line of power supplies are the most advanced and available in Italy, making it the largest national manufacturer of DIN-rail power supplies.

Its installation products include a wide set of solutions for civil and industrial systems that further enhance the possibilities offered for the electronic equipment distribution sector. Since 2007, Cabur has also offered a range of products to connect and protect photovoltaic systems, with the objective of providing solutions that comply with the highest safety and quality standards whilst taking advantage of renewable energy sources

MTI Instruments


Since 1961, MTI Instruments has been a leading provider of non-contact physical measurement tools and condition-based monitoring systems. Our products – used worldwide by clients requiring the highest levels of accuracy – span all industry sectors. From transportation and power generation to factory automation and consumer electronics, precision is our passion. MTI is a US-based company, proud to be ISO 9001:2015-certified.

Aurora group


The Aurora group is an international privately owned LED lighting and technology organization.

The core values and East - West partnership upon which the Aurora group was founded continue to underpin the company today. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for inspirational lighting solutions, Aurora has successfully transitioned from a traditional lighting organisation to one at the forefront in the development of smart connected lighting to deliver.

Max Flow Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.


Max Flow Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 and has concentrated on research, development and manufacture for around twenty years. Max Flow is a leading professional cooling fan manufacturer and exporter Taiwan area.

"Customer First, Quality First" principle lets us win a good reputation in computer, electronics and machinery fields.

However, we're not satisfied with this. We're making our efforts for the R&D (Research and Development) and manufacture of cooling fans.

Green LED Lighting Solutions (GLLS)


Green LED Lighting Solutions (GLLS) is an LED lighting supplier with offices in the United States and Canada. We have been in the lighting industry for over ten years with many notable clients. We work hard to provide energy-efficient, Eco-friendly LED solutions to traditional lighting. Our products are attractively designed so you don't have to sacrifice appearance for efficiency. At GLLS, our goal is to help our clients be as Eco-friendly and energy efficient as possible in all their lighting projects.



Since 1985 Elebike was established, our dedication has been to bring a better environment to our children. Elebike developed many kinds of hub motors for Green Mobility, including E-bike, E-scooter, EGolf Carts, Baby strollers and Power Wheelchairs, over 20 years. Elebike holds more than 126 patents all over the world for its innovative designs. The focus continues to this day by our high advanced technology, products, and service.



Since 90 years ENGEL stands for high grade and innovative drive technology. ENGEL Elektroantriebe thereby is the partner for dynamic and powerful permanent magnet synchronous motors. Distinct core competencies, the creativity of experienced employees and the use of state of the art development tools form the basis of our optimal drive solutions. Besides focusing on customised drive solutions ENGEL Elektroantriebe offers a broad standard product range of motors and drives. The recently developed series of maintenance free drive systems with integrated electronic, sets standards for compact, dynamic integrated drive systems. True to our tradition we still regard ourselves as a production company. By using modern means of production and a large production depth we are always capable of implementing special requirements in a short period of time and with trusted high quality.

TECO Electro Devices Co., Ltd.


TECO Electro Devices Co., Ltd. is a family member of the world motor giant TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1985 as a department of TECO in producing of stepping motor, in 1998 it was spun off from TECO to be a professional stepping motor producer. In last 24 years, TED has successfully sold its products worldwide in large number; mainly it goes through the cooperation of OEM, ODM with or for U.S.A and European customers.



Since founded in Taiwan, Toptek started to manufacture AC Driver (Inverters). With 10 years efforts for keeping development and pursuing quality, Toptek became the leading company in the field with our own brand - Toptek. In 1995, after succeeded in power electronic industry specific products, Toptek expanded the product lines to provide security monitors and cameras with Toptek brand too. After 5 years efforts, in 2000 Toptek became the major manufacturer in security field in Taiwan. Besides building a meticulous and unbreakable organisation structure like steel, a company must have the understanding and attentions towards its employees. This is exactly how Toptek Electronics Corporation enables the whole organisation to work together for the successes.

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